About Me

Well, as you can see I love Juliette Lewis but do not believe in Scientology. I stay at home with 2 kids and one with mild special needs. Would that make it “mediocre” needs? Anyway, I’m home a lot and looove being on-line. But I also get my cleaning and whatnot done, I’m not just SITTING here surfing. I am doing squats as I type and have my 10 pound weights ready.

Yes, I have body image issues but that’s a whole ‘nother post on it’s own. Well, I gotta take my Daughter her insulin at school, now. Thank God I live close enough I can walk b/c I am not worthy enough to be blessed with a car. Oh, Well, more  calories burned!


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Amen to calorie burning due to poverty…and think of all the time you get to spend having REAL conversations with your kids while you walk around, as opposed to cranking up the DVD in the back of your headrest while you drive around. You’ll be much closer to them in the long run.

    • Well,

      That sure IS a lovely way to put it! I LOOVE my Daughter’s school stories especially when she tells me how her teacher threw a (very) bad kid’s crayon box across the room.

      Hmmmm..I should be somewhat concerned, no? Well, I just tell her “Don’t get your teacher mad…” B/c God knows she doesn’t need anymore trauma in her life (close to death 2-3 times from Diabetes) and I CAN NOT afford another crayon box and supplies!

  2. Her teacher needs a drink. Ha! Ha!

    Sorry to hear that your babe has such health issues. I know that must be stressful and worrisome for ya. Is her diabetes under control most of the time?

    • LOL @ the teacher comment..

      I just took her to the Doctor, yesterday (jacked up the co-pay!!! >:() and he wasn’t to happy with her levels so I have to watch her more closely and it sucks b/c I was in the process of getting a nurse to do testing and injections so I can at least try to get some work.

      It sucks b/c it’s a public school in a bad neighborhood and I just don’t trust ’em. Oh, well, extra requests on the prayer card tonight!

      • Hmmmmm…I remember those days. It’s harder when they’re younger. Maybe if you talked to the nurse at the school, you’d feel better about her helping your daughter? What a drag. Maybe could work at her school somehow, so you could be there all day with her? It’s tough, but it will get better as your daughter grows older. The waiting is the hard part. Hang in there!

      • I was thinking along these lines as well… working at the school and all.

        I’d have to find something to do with my 3 year old boy, though..

        Thanks for the comments and well wishes.

        Gos Bless!

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