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SO Damn UNPRETTY!!! >:/

Posted in Vidz with tags , on 09/30/2009 by jl3wis

I wish could tie you up in my shoes
Make you feel unpretty too
I was told I was beautiful
But what does that mean to you

You can buy your hair if it won’t grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up
That Mac can make
But if you can’t look inside you
Find out, who am I to
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty
I’ll make you feel unpretty too

Never insecure until I met you
Now I’m bein’ stupid
I used to be so cute to me
Just a little bit skinny *(or fat)*
Why do I look to all these things
To keep you happy
Maybe get rid of you
And then I’ll get back to me (hey)

P.much that..


Target Women; You’re Old

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For my 30th BDay….

‘Cept I don’t really feel old, at least not all the time. Only on a bad day.


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Hope to have some worthwhile stuff to contribute, soon. Can’t wait to wreak havoc!